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Spot It! Is an exciting game of matching symbols that the whole family can enjoy at home, on vacation, at the cottage, and everywhere in between. In every deck there are 55 cards and on every card there is 8 symbols. Each card only has one symbol that matches on any other card. Who will spot their matching symbol first and be one step closer to winning the game? The game comes in a metal storage box and it’s size makes it the perfect family game on any trip.

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5 and up

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2 reviews for Spot It!

  1. Juan Moreno

    An amazing game to always carry with you! This game is really easy to learn for new players and has a ton of different variations to play. The small size makes it extremely portable and really fast to start playing right away without any sort of setup.

  2. Dominique

    Great game for kids, works on their observation skills, and great for adults for an easy and fun game.

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