Our Story

Hey there, I’m Janelle Tang, founder of Meeple & Sheep.

I’ve always loved playing board games as a kid, as an adult with my family and friends, and now with my own children. It’s a great way to spend quality time with the people you care about.

But if you’re like me it’s hard to know which game to try next when there’s thousands to choose from. At Meeple & Sheep we want to help you find your next favourite game by offering a more curated and tested selection of the best games out there. Plus, we offer loads of useful blogs, demo videos, and detailed info on every product page. We’re also happy to give you personalized suggestions by email, phone or private message on our social pages.

Our goal is to get more families in the habit of turning off their electronic devices and spending quality social time together. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site and keep playing games!