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More than 10 million games and expansions sold!

With millions of units sold worldwide, Carcassonne has truly become a modern classic. Each game of Carcassonne reveals a unique environment as tiles form a landscape of cities, roads, fields, and monasteries. Claim these features with your followers to win the game.

The game’s success rests on its simple gameplay. Place a tile to add to the landscape. Players then place knights, thieves, monks, and farmers in order to score the most points based on the size of the cities, roads, and fields that surround them. Carcassonne is also an excellent game for two players.

First published in 2000, the game’s accesible yet deep design has attracted a wide fan base and led to the development of numerous expansions and standalone titles in the Carcassonne line. This newest version of Carcassonne also includes the mini river tiles and abbot expansion sets.

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