Agricola: Family Edition


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Agricola: Family Edition is a streamlined, family-friendly version of the classic board game Agricola by Uwe Rosenberg. Simple rules and a strong theme make this game easily accessible to everybody.

Send out your people to work! In order to take an action in Agricola, you need to place a person on an action space. This will provide you with grain, allow you to plow fields, and you can even build a wind mill – just like that!

Build your own farm! You need room for yourself and your family, fields for farming, and pastures for a lot of animals.

Diversity is key! Monocolture is boring. Keep a good balance between farming and animal husbandry and you will have a flourishing and nice looking farm in the end, whether you win or not.

This box includes: 1 game board, 2 game board extensions, 4 start rooms, 12 room tiles, 36 field tiles, 11 improvement tiles, 9 supplement markers, 5 begging markers, 44 food markers, 1 start player marker and more than 170 wooden pieces and 1 rule book.

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